• Link your databases via Orb Number

    Building a single view of customers across all internal databases is a critical component of effective marketing for any organization. The Orb Number is a unique, persistent numeric identifier associated with each business entity in the Orb database which remains constant. By matching records from your disparate databases onto Orb Numbers you can link your customer data across your entire enterprise.

  • Use Orb as a Reference Database for your MDM strategy

    The Orb database is an accurate reference database of company information that you can use to ensure your data is standardized and kept up to date across your organization. At Orb we refresh our database every 30 days to ensure our clients have the most current account data in their sales and marketing systems.

  • Matching Services

    Orb provides data matching services to ensure your data is updated on a regular basis depending on your organization’s needs.

We provide company information and smart algorithms as a service to marketing software vendors and B2B agencies.

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