• Link your databases via Orb Number

    Building a single customer view across all internal databases is a critical component of effective marketing for any large organization. Orb offers a way to unify data from all those databases around the identity of each business it relates to. The unique identifier, called the Orb Number, works like a Social Security number for businesses, so companies can track their business customers across their own internal silos. By matching records from your disparate databases onto Orb Numbers, you link those databases together and identify duplicate records in each database. Corporate linkage provides a family tree overview of branches and subsidiaries that were missing in your databases.

  • Reference database is the key component of a successful MDM strategy

    Using a good master data management solution ensures that the same set of data is used throughout the organization, regardless of the system, platform, department or business unit using it. An accurate and complete reference database and a unique company identification mechanism are key to a clean master database. Using our Orb Numbers as a unique identifier in your MDM system provides you with the ability to append all relevant information to an individual record to give you a truly single view for each of your customers and prospects across your organization.

We provide company information and smart algorithms as a service to marketing software vendors and B2B agencies.

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