• Omni-channel marketing

    Delivering a coordinated customer experience across all your marketing channels is increasingly becoming a critical requirement for B2B marketing organizations. Orb's data enables our clients to integrate offline and online account data and deliver an omni-channel customer experience across all your programmatic campaigns.

  • Custom Segments

    In addition to delivering standard syndicated firmographic segments through data marketplaces, Orb can build out custom segments that you can access though your programmatic advertising platform. The custom segments can be created for specific target accounts, granular firmographic criteria (including micro-vertical targeting) or based on your CRM data. Orb also has the ability to deliver targeting data for companies that look similar to your existing customers.

  • ABM Solutions

    Orb can also provide enterprises and B2B marketing solution providers who are looking to build their own custom ABM solutions, with the core firmographic data to underpin their solution.

We provide company information and smart algorithms as a service to marketing software vendors and B2B agencies.

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