• Uncover account information from web traffic

    Identifying active prospects and leads is a core element of marketing. By using Orb’s IP-to-company mapping data, you can analyze anonymous website traffic, identify full companies that are researching your company and solutions, and then execute targeted demand generation campaigns to create more leads for sales.

  • IP addresses pre-integrated to companies

    Orb’s IP address data has been built from the ground up specifically for marketing. The IP addresses have been pre-integrated to Orb Numbers to ensure that the company data is accurate and complete. The IP address mapping is actively monitored to ensure that it is up to date and correctly linked to companies.

  • Enable Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    By leveraging Orb’s IP address data, marketing solution providers and advertisers can develop end-to-end Account Based Marketing solutions to identify leads, build B2B audiences and retarget companies based on purchase intent.

We provide company information and smart algorithms as a service to marketing software vendors and B2B agencies.

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