Activate Advanced Analytics

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  • Complete coverage plus detailed signals

    Predictive analytics is becoming a big part of modern marketing: scoring new leads, identifying cross-sell opportunities with existing clients, measuring the success of campaigns across different market segments. The effectiveness of predictive analytics is highly dependent on the quality and completeness of your data. The Orb database is a solid foundation for your predictive modeling....

  • Easy-to-use REST API

    We provide powerful REST API to request company information by company web/email domain or name. Our unique domain-to-company mapping makes it truly easy to look up a company by web/email domain. In the case of a name look-up, we rank the result so that you get the most probable company first. Our data dictionaries are...

  • Full data export for real-time modeling

    For applications such as web advertising where real-time is a requirement, we provide a full export of all data points in an easy-to-use CSV format. Orb Number facilitates integration with your data sets: Match the Orb database onto your data set by web domain or name, store Orb Number of matched records, and get an...

Master Data Management: Link Disparate Databases Across the Enterprise

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  • Link your databases via Orb Number

    Building a single customer view across all internal databases is a critical component of effective marketing for any large organization. Orb offers a way to unify data from all those databases around the identity of each business it relates to. The unique identifier, called the Orb Number, works like a Social Security number for businesses,...

  • Reference database is the key component of a successful MDM strategy

    Using a good master data management solution ensures that the same set of data is used throughout the organization, regardless of the system, platform, department or business unit using it. An accurate and complete reference database and a unique company identification mechanism are key to a clean master database. Using our Orb Numbers as a...

Match and Augment Your Customer Data

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  • Augment your data

    Trusted data drives successful customer engagement. Enhance your accounts with detailed information from the Orb database to run targeted campaigns. Segment your accounts by industry, number of employees, location, precise business category, social activity, and more.

  • Increase your match rate

    If you already use other data providers like Dun & Bradstreet, you can still increase your match rate by 10-25% by matching unmatched records onto the Orb Database. We collect data from different sources than D&B, which is why the Orb Database is often used as a complement to Dun & Bradstreet.

  • Link branches and subsidiaries

    Link branches and subsidiaries in your client's universe to unlock new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.