Enrich Customer Data

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  • Augment your data

    Accurate company data is essential for enabling both marketing and sales, and driving effective customer engagement. Append account information (name, address, revenue, number of employees, industry, website, and more) to CRM records, raw web registration data and marketing lists from the Orb reference database.

  • Increase your match rate

    If you already use other data providers such as Dun & Bradstreet, you can increase your match rate by 10-25% by matching unmatched records onto the Orb Database. We collect data from different sources than Dun & Bradstreet, which is why the Orb Database is often used to complement D&B data.

  • Link branches and subsidiaries

    Obtain complete account information for branches and subsidiaries to get a complete view of your customers and unlock new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Master Data Management

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  • Link your databases via Orb Number

    Building a single view of customers across all internal databases is a critical component of effective marketing for any organization. The Orb Number is a unique, persistent numeric identifier associated with each business entity in the Orb database which remains constant. By matching records from your disparate databases onto Orb Numbers you can link your...

  • Use Orb as a Reference Database for your MDM strategy

    The Orb database is an accurate reference database of company information that you can use to ensure your data is standardized and kept up to date across your organization. At Orb we refresh our database every 30 days to ensure our clients have the most current account data in their sales and marketing systems.

  • Matching Services

    Orb provides data matching services to ensure your data is updated on a regular basis depending on your organization’s needs.

Activate Advanced Analytics

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  • Complete coverage plus detailed signals

    Predictive analytics is becoming a big part of modern marketing: scoring new leads, identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, measuring campaign success, audience targeting. The effectiveness of predictive analytics is highly dependent on the quality and completeness of your data. The Orb database is a solid foundation for your predictive modeling, providing a high match rate...

  • Easy-to-use REST API

    We provide powerful REST API to request company information by company web/email domain or name. Our unique domain-to-company mapping makes it truly easy to look up a company by web/email domain. In the case of a name look-up, we rank the result so that you get the most probable company first. Our data dictionaries are...

  • Full data export for real-time modeling

    For applications such as web advertising where real-time is a requirement, we provide a full export of all data points in an easy-to-use CSV format. Orb Number facilitates integration with your data sets: Match the Orb database onto your data set by web domain or name, store Orb Number of matched records, and get an...

Analyze Website Traffic

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  • Uncover account information from web traffic

    Identifying active prospects and leads is a core element of marketing. By using Orb’s IP-to-company mapping data, you can analyze anonymous website traffic, identify full companies that are researching your company and solutions, and then execute targeted demand generation campaigns to create more leads for sales.

  • IP addresses pre-integrated to companies

    Orb’s IP address data has been built from the ground up specifically for marketing. The IP addresses have been pre-integrated to Orb Numbers to ensure that the company data is accurate and complete. The IP address mapping is actively monitored to ensure that it is up to date and correctly linked to companies.

  • Enable Account Based Marketing (ABM)

    By leveraging Orb’s IP address data, marketing solution providers and advertisers can develop end-to-end Account Based Marketing solutions to identify leads, build B2B audiences and retarget companies based on purchase intent.

Audience Targeting Solutions

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  • Omni-channel marketing

    Delivering a coordinated customer experience across all your marketing channels is increasingly becoming a critical requirement for B2B marketing organizations. Orb's data enables our clients to integrate offline and online account data and deliver an omni-channel customer experience across all your programmatic campaigns.

  • Custom Segments

    In addition to delivering standard syndicated firmographic segments through data marketplaces, Orb can build out custom segments that you can access though your programmatic advertising platform. The custom segments can be created for specific target accounts, granular firmographic criteria (including micro-vertical targeting) or based on your CRM data. Orb also has the ability to deliver...

  • ABM Solutions

    Orb can also provide enterprises and B2B marketing solution providers who are looking to build their own custom ABM solutions, with the core firmographic data to underpin their solution.