At Orb Intelligence, we believe in building our business by helping our customers grow their businesses. Orb has recently launched a new initiative to significantly expand our database of companies in Africa. This data will help companies access new opportunities and boost growth by enabling local and international companies to more efficiently connect with African business. This initiative will be driven out of our new office in Accra, Ghana.

Orb Intelligence is an international firmographic data provider with headquarters in California, USA. Orb maintains a database of 45 million companies worldwide and specializes in helping companies augment, enrich and manage their customer data. Orb’s data is already used by a number of fortune 500 enterprises, government agencies and industry leading sales and marketing solution providers.


Phone: +233 55 250 8005

Office: Orb Intelligence, Africa HQ

F 393/4 Otswe Street, Osu Ako-Adjei

Accra, Ghana


Ghana Managing Director: Aurora Chiste,