Orb API Version 1 Documentation

<host> is api.orb-intelligence.com

<port> is 8095

<api_key> is your API key.

You must specify a version number of the API in the URL (see examples below). The current version is 1.1


Version 1.1

Version 1.1 adds technology categorization and search for similar companies. It is not completely backwards compatible with version 1.
The difference is that technologies in company profiles are now objects (instead of strings) which include technology name and category.

GET /search/companies

Searches companies by one or many parameters.

Parameter name Possible values Default Values
name Company’s name
webdomain Company’s web domain (eg marklogic.com)
industry Company’s industry. Use GET /dictionaries/industries to get a list of all industry names.
naics_codes Semicolon-separated list of NAICS codes. Use GET /dictionaries/naics_codes to get a list of all NAICS codes and their descriptions. The search is performed through all NAICS codes, not only primary code. It is a prefix search: it matches a given code and more specific codes (for example, if you search for 42 the result will include companies with codes 42, 4238, 42399, etc)
categories Semicolon-separated list of business category names. The result is a ranked list of companies.
Top-ranked companies belong to most of the specified categories, lower-ranked companies belong to at least one of the categories.
employees Semicolon-separated list of employee ranges: any, 1-10, 10-50, 50-200, 200-500, 500-1k, 1k-5k, 5k-10k, 10k (for >10k) any
revenue Semicolon-separated list of revenue ranges: any, 0-1m, 1m-10m, 10m-50m, 50m-100m, 100m-200m, 200m-1b, 1b (for >1b) any
state State name (eg CA)
country Country name (eg United States)
rankings Semicolon-separated list of company rankings. The result will contain companies that are included in any of the rankings.
Use GET /dictionaries/technologies/categories to get a list of all rankings.
technologies Semicolon-separated list of technology names. The result will contain companies that use any of the technologies. Use GET /dictionaries/technologies to get a list of all technology names.
tech_categories Semicolon-separated list of names of technology categories.
The result will contain companies that use any of the technologies from the categories.
Use GET /dictionaries/technologies/categories to get a list of all technology categories.
similar_to id of a company in Orb database. The result will contain companies that are similar to the specified company. The result is sorted by similarity in descending order. When similar_to is provided other parameters (except limit, offset, and with_count) are ignored.
limit Number of records to return. Maximum value: 100 10
offset The start point for records to be returned. An offset value of 10 starts returning at the 11th record. Default value: 0. Maximum value:
with_count yes, no. If yes, the number of result records is calculated. Note that calculating the number of records increases the response time. Use no when possible. no


http://api.orb-intelligence.com:8095/1.1/search/companies?api_key=<your api key>&webdomain=marklogic.com

GET /dictionaries/industries

Returns a list of all industries.


http://api.orb-intelligence.com:8095/1.1/dictionaries/industries?api_key=<your api key>

GET /dictionaries/naics_codes

Returns a list of all NAICS codes and their description. The codes are based on the “NAICS 2012” standard, which is the latest version of the standard. For more information on NAICS 2012 and mappings to the previous versions see US Census NAICS page (mappings).


http://api.orb-intelligence.com:8095/1.1/dictionaries/naics_codes?api_key=<your api key>

GET /dictionaries/technologies

Returns a list of all technologies.


http://api.orb-intelligence.com:8095/1.1/dictionaries/technologies?api_key=<your api key>

GET /dictionaries/technologies/categories

Returns a list of all technology categories and related technologies.


http://api.orb-intelligence.com:8095/1.1/dictionaries/technologies/categories?api_key=<your api key>

GET /dictionaries/rankings

Returns a list of all company rankings.


http://api.orb-intelligence.com:8095/1.1/dictionaries/rankings?api_key=<your api key>