Orb Intelligence and LiveRamp Partnership Unlocks International B2B Data-Driven Advertising Opportunities

Orb Intelligence is excited to announce the launch of their B2B Audience Targeting Solutions.

The solution combines Orb’s industry leading international B2B dataset with the industry’s most powerful device graph, enabling marketers to build international B2B campaigns using GDPR compliant data and reach over 1.5 billion cookies and mobile devices in over 150 markets.

Over the last 5 years Orb Intelligence has built a reputation for providing high quality, firmographic data that has been used to enrich account records in CRM and Marketing Automation systems. This is the first time that agencies and brands will be able to use Orb’s firmographic data for programmatic B2B advertising.

Through its strategic partnership with LiveRamp, Orb has onboarded their comprehensive global firmographic data set of over 46 million active companies. This will give B2B marketers the unprecedented ability to programmatically target businesses across all industries, including small and mid-size (SMB) companies.

Orb’s taxonomy includes over 400 B2B audience segments covering Firmographic, Technographic and Intelligent categories. In addition, marketers will also be able to build custom segments based on lists of target accounts, IP addresses, and niche firmographic segment criteria, or by leveraging Orb’s proprietary lookalike models to target prospective customers.

Customers will be able to access Orb’s firmographic data through LiveRamp’s network of data platforms, including all the leading programmatic advertising DSPs.

This will be the first time that agencies and brands will have access to this capability, that has historically been the preserve of dedicated ABM vendors who have invested in curating and onboarding their own proprietary data.

Orb Intelligence will be attending RampUp 2019, so feel free to reach out if you are interested in finding out more about our B2B Audience Targeting Solutions.