Company Information for B2B Marketing and Sales

We provide a database of company information
and matching services to B2B marketers.

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45 million

Access the largest commercial database of 45 million companies with detailed firmographics and web-sourced signals.

20,000 government
and web sources

Unlike most data providers, Orb is a content creator rather than just a data aggregator. Our data is derived from 20,000 government and web sources.

coverage and quality

Our full-time researchers combine algorithmic data processing with manual verification to achieve industry-leading coverage and quality.

Use cases

Activate Advanced Analytics

The effectiveness of modern predictive analytics is highly dependent on the quality and completeness of your data. Power your predictive models with detailed data on more than 36M companies.

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Master Data Management: Link Disparate Databases Across the Enterprise

Build a single, complete, and accurate view of your customers, suppliers, and business partners.

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Match and Augment Your Customer Data

Refine your raw web registration data and marketing lists into identified company records.

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Orb Database Features

  • Information on 36M businesses

  • Corporate family tree with 175K linked subsidiaries

  • Covers both large enterprises and local businesses across the United States

  • Orb Number is a unique numeric company identifier that does not change over time

  • Standardized fields

    Industry, NAICS and SIC codes, Address, Number of Employees, Revenue, Phone number, Email, Website

Additional signals

  • Social accounts

    Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube

  • Funding

  • Technologies installed on the company website

  • Detailed business categories

    more detailed than SIC or NAICS code

  • Registered Trademarks

U.S. Education Database

Complete coverage of all educational institutions across the United States.

U.S. Government

Detailed information on federal and local governments in the U.S.

U.S. Health Care Providers

Complete list of all U.S. health care providers.

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